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Healing seems like a mystery. The degree to which we need healing is dependent on what wounds we have incurred over time — perhaps you just have a cut, or you’ve been in a car accident, or you have long-term Lyme disease. Regardless of the extent to which you need healing, there is something ineffable and mysterious about healing in that it doesn’t occur by purely mechanical means.

We have been programmed to think that if you’re sick, you should go to the doctor to have him/her make you better — most often we think this is why we need medicine in the form of pharmaceutical pills. We think that it’s a quick fix, and then we go home and continue our lives. But actually, this isn’t true. Healing is not in the hands of someone else. The role of the healer or the doctor is to facilitate your own ability to heal yourself.

What are all the ancient healing lineages based on? Music. Reiki. Tai Chi. Ayurveda. Acupuncture. They are about aligning yourself with a higher power to allow that higher consciousness to flow through you — your body acts merely as a vessel for this energy.

We should change our mindset when visiting any type of doctor or healer — conventional or alternative practitioners. We should always go in with the understanding that we ourselves are our own best healers, and visiting this person is merely enhancing our own efforts to heal ourselves. So many people give their power away to the doctor and think that he/she has all the answers to heal them.

The root of all illness or dis-ease is disconnection. A blockage of energy flow. Some kind of disharmony. To get to the root of that disharmony requires work. It requires unlearning old patterns and implementing new habits. Ultimately, it is a shift from one state of being to a higher state of being. That’s essentially the goal of all healing — to gain energy, vibrancy, clarity, and have an overall positive outlook on life. Most often the imbalances we face are the result of some disharmony in the fundamentals of life: nutrition, exercise, rest, relationships, and daily engagement with our creativity. Without these basic fundamentals, our energy is prone to stagnation, which significantly affects our mood and wellbeing.

Listening to Our Pain

Do you have consistent anxiety? Are you always tired? Do you suffer from foggy thinking? We so often take these conditions for being just how we are, but we don’t stop to probe deeper and question why we’re feeling this way, what’s off in our system, and what we can do about it.

When we listen to our pain, we are able to understand and heal. Sometimes, most of the pain disappears simply by bringing awareness to it. We are able to distinguish what needs changing. You might think that just by cutting sugar out of your diet, you’ll be better. While this will definitely have a positive impact on your health, it’s actually the behavior behind why you’re eating sugar that needs to be investigated — the subconscious drive towards sugar, perhaps as a comfort food or an attempt to soothe ourselves.

A good way to motivate yourself to change a habit is to consider the effects of NOT changing it. What will happen if you continue to eat sugar? You will gain weight. Your emotional stability will be affected. Your skin might break out. You’ll be prone to more cravings, potentially developing an addiction to it. When you start to see the adverse effects of a particular habit, you can begin to choose differently. So then you make a plan to cut it out, even if only gradually.

Healing begins when there is a flow of new energy. Ultimately, healing is effortless. What we think of as “healing” is actually just removing the barriers to our natural state of health. It’s already there underneath it all. It’s present even in our perceived sickness.

Healing is in you. It’s not outside of you. We want to chase the external world. We take the external world to be real. We take it for what it is. While it is real to a degree, it is actually just a reflection of what is going on inside. Healing takes time. Healing takes work. Healing takes commitment. Healing takes patience. Healing takes light-heartedness. Healing takes courage. Healing takes focus. Healing takes saying no. Healing takes saying yes. Ultimately, there is no one path to healing. The healing crisis is a miraculous gift that returns you to yourself.

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