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If you don’t already have a morning routine, adding one into your day could be life-changing. You can begin with adding in some of the suggestions below gradually. Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to do it all at once — unless that works for you. It’s better to commit to one change consistently than to try to do 10 things sporadically. Change happens through gradual progress.

Why Establish A Morning Routine? Establishing a morning routine provides regularity. It allows the nervous system to reset. Your body knows what to expect each morning. It calms the mind and gives clarity. It…

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I moved to Peru when I was 19. When I first got to the airport, everything seemed so unreal. I felt like all the strings around me had been cut. I felt as if I had been given a new life. Some might shy away from traveling or living in a foreign country because they are afraid to be alone, but from the moment I left my family at the gate in the airport, I had an unusual feeling of confidence. Sure, I was physically alone because there wasn’t anyone else beside me, but I didn’t feel lonely. I felt…

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Many people don’t want to take risks or dream or admit they’d like to accomplish more in their lives. They see other people doing things they want to be doing, but they say it’s not possible for them. If others can do it (write a book, start a business, master an instrument, etc.), why can’t you? And even if they didn’t do it, why couldn’t you be the one to do it? It’s all based in self-belief.

Staying focused on what other people are doing is distracting you from yourself.

Some would argue that they’re gaining inspiration from watching others, and I do believe this is an important part of being creative. But…

The most important thing in this kind of music—
is not like you go to school and write down a few lines—
is that you love…it is just music, and the music is a yoga,
a way to reach God.
Through music you can purify your soul and mind.
This way you can love your neighbors, love the children, love yourself, and give more love to this world…not only to humans,
but all the creatures as well.

~Ali Akbar Khan, sarod maestro

When I was 17, I almost died in a car accident. Surviving at all felt like a miracle…

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We all have various ways of trying to fill the hole in our heart. What’s misleading is that some of these things are condoned by society as “good things” — such as going back to school, getting a job with more responsibility, volunteering your time, entering a new relationship, etc. While none of these things is “bad” on its own, we have to examine our motives underneath doing any activity. Ultimately, it is not that an activity is inherently right or wrong—what matters is our intention behind it. …

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How well do you put off the lie imposed upon you by others? More often than not people do not see us as we really are— they do not see themselves as they really are. Many people are content to sleep-walk through their lives. When anything or anyone shakes them out of their slumber, they become angry or afraid. How can someone who is stuck in his/her own trauma see the light, radiance, and splendor of you?

If we haven’t developed a strong sense of self, we can be pulled down by their negativity. We become rattled by their fear…

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We often want short-term satisfaction. When something is hard, like a dream we’re building toward, we easily want to give up and move on, thinking that it wasn’t meant for us —we tell ourselves we didn’t want it that badly anyway.

But what we fail to see is the long-term effect of our actions. We get so lost stumbling over the details that we fail to focus on the bigger vision. Good things—dreams, relationships—take time to build. …

We are social beings. How we’ve learned to survive is by adapting to the environment around us. As children, we needed to get certain needs met by our parents, so we unconsciously conformed to their behaviors and expectations. We took their view of reality as “the” reality. But as we grow up, this doesn’t work anymore. It becomes a limitation, hindering our ability to authentically discover and live out the myriad of soul qualities we have—beyond what could possibly have ever been nurtured by a parent.

If you are like me, then you were also raised by parents who “did…

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Brief History

The sitar is an ancient instrument coming from North India. It was invented by the musician & poet Amir Khusro during the 14th century. The main inspiration behind the sitar was the Tritantri Veena (three-stringed veena). In the beginning, it had only three strings, which is why it was named Sehtar (Persian for three-stringed).

A lot of people are curious about the sitar and compare it to the guitar in an attempt to try to find cross-overs with Western music. Of course, this is only natural since our analytical minds like to compare and contrast in order to…

Inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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You spend your whole life wearing the wound, thinking it’s a part of your identity. You don’t question it. You think that that’s just how you are — flawed, broken, and incomplete. That something is wrong with you. That it is your fault no one treated you the way you wanted to be treated. That it is your fault your father didn’t love you the way you needed to be loved. That it is your fault that no one saw you. That it is your fault, because you were bad, that he didn’t love you…

Diana Waldron

Diana Waldron is a writer and a sitarist.

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